Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Noble Lies"

New this month from Poisoned Pen Press: Charles Benoit's Noble Lies.

About the book, from the author's website:

For Mark Rohr, a decorated Desert Storm vet, the last ten years have been filled with shady jobs and countless misadventures around the globe, the low point being his current stint as a bouncer at a nameless whorehouse bar in Thailand. When the beautiful and naïve Robin Antonucci arrives from the States and hires him to help find Shawn, her brother missing since the tsunami, Mark sees the chance to make some easy money. Guide her around until she gets bored or until the money runs out and she heads home. Simple.

But what should be an easy job in a tropical paradise quickly sours when they meet Pim, the stunning Thai prostitute who claims to be Shawn’s wife. Within hours two men are dead and Jarin, southern Thailand’s most notorious gangster, wants Mark to pay. Getting away alone would be difficult. Getting away with Robin and Pim, plus an old man and a small boy – the only members of Pim’s family to survive the tsunami – might prove impossible.

With nowhere to hide and no idea where they are heading, they set off around the Thai coast, racing through beach resorts and remote villages, staying one step ahead of Jarin’s men as they all move closer to finding the truth about Shawn.
Watch the video trailer for Noble Lies at Charles Benoit's website.