Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Agnes & the Hitman"

New from St. Martin's Press: Agnes & the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer.

About the book, from Bob Mayer's website:

Agnes Crandall, a food columnist better known as Cranky Agnes, is getting ready for the big society wedding that’s going to be held in her back yard when a guy with a gun breaks into her kitchen and tries to kidnap her dog. Agnes accidentally kills him. Shortly after that, a guy with a gun (Shane, just Shane) breaks into her bedroom and tells her he’s there to protect her. Good thing, too, because then things go really badly and it’s pretty much Agnes and Shane against the world, at least the part of it that’s armed and coming for Agnes.
My Book, The Movie: Jennifer Crusie & Bob Mayer's Agnes and the Hitman.