Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Murder on the Rebound"

New from ECW Press: Jeffrey Miller's Murder on the Rebound.

About the novel, from the author's website:

"Hemlock for Herskowitz!" That's what the students write in the law-school toilets about their drill-sergeant professor, Mack Herskowitz. Then, Tony Albinoni, a mouthy "first year," is poisoned at dinner in the professor's penthouse. Was the noxious drink meant for the unpopular prof - a man widely known behind his back as "Jerk-O-Twit"?

So begins the newest mystery for Amicus and his companion human, Justice Ted Mariner, both of them "outlawed" to the suburban law school after last spring's "incidents" downtown - Justice Mariner's very public wrestling match, in the toney Pasta La Vista restaurant, with a fellow judge, not to mention the day he was seen bussing his comely young clerk in a not-so-toney Yorkville bar.

It's classic, uproarious Amicus, with his caustic shin's-eye view of "Homo allegedly sapiens" and their justice system. As usual, the Falstaffian feline narrates a seriously funny (and profoundly serious) tale in which the search for whodunnit intersects with the deeper mystery of the nature of "truth" itself.