Sunday, April 5, 2009

"The Sisters Antipodes"

New from Houghton Mifflin: The Sisters Antipodes by Jane Alison.

About the book, from the publisher:

The Sisters Antipodes is a unique window on the intimate devastations of family betrayal, in equal measure unsettling and engrossing.

When Jane Alison was a child, her family met another that seemed like its mirror: a father in the Foreign Service, a beautiful mother, and two little girls, the younger two—one of them Jane—sharing a birthday.

With so much in common, the two families became almost instantly inseparable.Within months, affairs had ignited between the adults, and before long the pairs had exchanged partners—divorced, remarried, and moved on. As if in a cataclysm of nature, two families were ripped asunder, and two new ones were formed.Two pairs of girls were left in shock, a “silent, numb shock, like a crack inside stone, not enough to split it but inside, silently fissuring.” And Jane and her stepsister were thrown into a state of silent combat for the affections of their absent fathers—a contest that, as this gorgeous, piercing memoir recounts, would prove tragic.
Read an excerpt from The Sisters Antipodes.

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