Thursday, April 23, 2009

"The Ex-Mrs. Hedgefund"

New from Dutton Books: The Ex-Mrs. Hedgefund by Jill Kargman.

About the book, from the publisher:

In The Right Address, Jill Kargman went behind the doors of New York’s most prestigious building. In Wolves in Chic Clothing, the junior jet set took center stage. In Momzillas, it was hyper-competitive Upper East Side mothers. And now, in The Ex- Mrs. Hedgefund, Kargman creates a hilarious, deliciously scathing send-up of the ultra-rich, ultra-ambitious hedge fund set.

Seemingly sheltered from the threats of economic collapse and the risk of downsizing from new Roger Viviers to consignment Manolos, the Hedge Fund men and their wives occupy a world of boundless excess and secluded luxury, a step above the already outrageous wealth of the Upper East Side.

Married to the founder of Comet Capital, Holly Talbott is slowing becoming a reluctant Mrs. Hedgefund. Sure, it’s great to be a stay-at-home mom to her son Miles and to have a rolodex of eager donors when she is fundraising for the local hospital. But, the lunches are called luncheons because they take eons, even botox can’t stop her mother-in-law’s withering stares, and her husband, Tim, is away so often it feels like she’s single again.

When an adventure in trendy Williamsburg leads to a shocking discovery, Holly soon learns that not all of Tim’s trips have been for business. Forced to choose between living honestly and being a Mrs. Hedgefund, Holly begins to navigate a new New York existence and finds that sometimes exes have all the fun, and in the most unexpected places...
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