Tuesday, September 12, 2023

"The Immigration Law Death Penalty"

Coming soon from NYU Press: The Immigration Law Death Penalty: Aggravated Felonies, Deportation, and Legal Resistance by Sarah Tosh.

About the book, from the publisher:

Traces the role of the aggravated felony in today’s deportation regime

In immigration courts across America, a non-citizen convicted of an “aggravated felony” will almost certainly face deportation with no access to asylum. However, despite the ominous-sounding name, aggravated felonies need not be either “aggravated” or “felonies.” The term encompasses more than thirty offenses, ranging from check fraud and shoplifting to filing a false tax return. The recent expansion in the list of such offenses has resulted in astronomical rates of deportation.

This book chronicles the rise of the use of the aggravated felony, known by lawyers as the “immigration law death penalty,” to criminalize and then deport immigrants. Immigrants convicted of aggravated felonies are subject to mandatory detention and almost certain deportation—and are ineligible for almost all forms of legal relief from removal. Furthermore, immigrants convicted of aggravated felonies can be detained for months or even years without bond, are not guaranteed lawyers, and can even be deported without an opportunity to plead their case in court. Sarah Tosh provides the first in-depth understanding of how aggravated felonies have been used to deport thousands of documented and undocumented immigrants and how the severe, expansive, and racially disparate outcomes have been met with innovative legal responses, bolstered by networks of community-based resistance. The Immigration Law Death Penalty is an urgent read for anyone committed to protecting the rights of immigrants nationwide.
--Marshal Zeringue