Wednesday, May 17, 2023

"The Pain of Pleasure"

Coming June 13 from Roundabout Press: The Pain of Pleasure by Amy Grace Loyd.

About the book, from the publisher:

Amy Grace Loyd’s atmospheric and erotic new novel traces the storms inside us, between us, and around us. Set in a headache clinic in the basement of an abandoned church in Brooklyn during unprecedented extremes of weather, it explores the intimate terrain of human pain and pleasure, how our bodies can collude with us and against us, mislead us all the way to addiction and emotional and sexual obsession.

The story is an increasingly fevered collision of perspectives: those of the Doctor, a man outrunning some ghosts but especially his own desires; Ruth, the nurse hired by the clinic’s domineering patron—Mrs. Adele Watson—to spy on the Doctor; and Sarah, a former patient, who has gone missing but left the Doctor a written account of her days before vanishing.

Sarah’s journal chronicles an affair she had with a married man, which she believed could solve not only her chronic pain but the loneliness it caused her. But nothing goes to plan, for her, for her dedicated doctor, or for Ruth, already in exile from everyone and everything she once knew. At once interior and expansive, timely and transcendent, The Pain of Pleasure is a charged, daring, and ultimately hopeful imagining of what we hold on to when the storms keep coming.
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--Marshal Zeringue