Tuesday, December 27, 2022

"The Academic Avant-Garde: Poetry and the American University"

New from the Johns Hopkins University Press: The Academic Avant-Garde: Poetry and the American University by Kimberly Quiogue Andrews.

About the book, from the publisher:

The surprising story of the relationship between experimental poetry and literary studies.

In The Academic Avant-Garde, Kimberly Quiogue Andrews makes a provocative case for the radical poetic possibilities of the work of literary scholarship and lays out a foundational theory of literary production in the context of the university. In her examination of the cross-pollination between the analytic humanities and the craft of poetry writing, Andrews tells a bold story about some of today's most innovative literary works.

This pathbreaking intervention into contemporary American literature and higher education demonstrates that experimental poetry not only reflects nuanced concern about creative writing as a discipline but also uses the critical techniques of scholarship as a cornerstone of poetic practice. Structured around the concepts of academic labor (such as teaching) and methodological work (such as theorizing), the book traces these practices in the works of authors ranging from Claudia Rankine to John Ashbery, providing fresh readings of some of our era's most celebrated and difficult poets.
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--Marshal Zeringue