Wednesday, September 7, 2022

"Among Wolves"

New from Polis Books: Among Wolves by Erica Blaque.

About the book, from the publisher:

My husband is a self-important asshole but he isn’t a murderer

At least that’s what Sophia Claire believes when faced with a visit from detectives Adella Cruz and Trent Valletta. She has been enjoying what appears to be a storybook life with her fairytale husband, Robert Claire, in Deep River, Washington. Robert is the wealthy, intelligent and attractive CEO of massive pharmaceutical research company ANEXA. But the detectives tell her that they are investigating a string of murders of young women who all have at least one thing in common – they were all Rob’s lovers.

Faced with these accusations Sophia is forced to question the realities of her marriage, and the nature of their love for each other. When does love die, exactly? She still believes Rob loves her; he loves her body, her grace, and her ability to fit the lifestyle of a prominent CEO. But she also knows he has cheated. With a marriage on the brink of collapse how does one find their partner again? As the detectives track clues that could lead to an arrest, Sophia begins to question her own commitments, the motivations of those around her and her sanity. Reaching her breaking point, she hunts for answers about her husband’s affairs and instead finds herself drawn to the sexual extremes of her husband’s secret life, all while uncovering dark surprises of her own.

A twisty, sexy, and surprising debut perfect for fans of Megan Miranda, Tarryn Fisher, and Shari LaPena, AMONG WOLVES will have you riveted until the last page is turned.
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--Marshal Zeringue