Wednesday, November 24, 2021

"Three More Months"

New from Lake Union: Three More Months: A Novel by Sarah Echavarre.

About the book, from the publisher:

What if you woke up one day and the loved one you’d lost was suddenly, inexplicably alive again?

Chloe Howard’s devotion to her job has come at a cost: spending time with the most important person in her life―her mother. Vowing to change, she plans a trip home. Sadly, hours before she arrives, her mother passes away, leaving Chloe without a goodbye and riddled with grief and regret. But maybe…maybe it’s not too late.

Just days before the funeral, Chloe finds her mother unaccountably alive and well. And it’s no longer May; she’s been transported back in time to March. No one―not Chloe’s brother, friends, or colleagues―understands why Chloe is so confused. How can she make sense of this? It’s impossible. But Chloe is going to make the most of it. She’s going to do everything differently: repair family rifts, forge new bonds, tell her mother every day how much she loves her, and possibly prevent the inevitable.

This is a second chance Chloe never saw coming. She’s not wasting a minute of it.
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--Marshal Zeringue