Tuesday, November 6, 2018


New from Angry Robot: Terminus by Tristan Palmgren.

About the book, from the publisher:

The Black Death ended three decades ago, but not in the way that it “should” have, and the consequences are reshaping civilization. Half of Europe has been devastated, and half spared. The coming wars may take more lives than the Great Mortality ever could.

And no one on Earth knows the reason why. The living planarship Ways and Means has come to medieval Earth and ended the Black Death, but it keeps its intentions to itself. Someone is trying to kill its agent Osia, who is suffering through her own exile. Spy-turned-anthropologist Meloku becomes a target, too. While they fight to survive, Fiametta - an Italian soldier, mercenary, and heretical preacher - raises an army and a religious revolt, aiming to split Europe in half.

TERMINUS, the sequel to QUIETUS, is available at any of the links in the sidebar, and at neighborhood libraries and booksellers! Ride with the condottieri of Italy into a maelstrom of interdimensional chaos and conspiracy.
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--Marshal Zeringue