Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"The Cold Eye"

New from Saga Press: The Cold Eye by Laura Anne Gilman.

About the book, from the publisher:

East of the Mississippi, in the civilized world, dime store novels and gossips claim that the territory to the west is home to monsters and magic, wild Indians and disreputable whites. They claim that in order to survive, any who live there must make a deal with the Devil.

Some of this is true.

Isobel is now the Left Hand of the Master of the Territory, also known as the devil. Along with her mentor, Gabriel, she travels the Road, upholding the centuries-old agreement her boss made with the people – Native and settlers alike – to protect them. After the events of SILVER ON THE ROAD, Isobel thinks she understands her role, thinks she’s got it under control.

Isobel looked down at her hands, curling her fingers over the black sigil on her left palm, the circle and infinitas that told anyone with sense that the thing so marked belonged to the devil…. She would become the cold eye and the quick knife, the final decision-maker in the isolated expanses of the Territory when then devil himself could not be.

But there’s a power deep in the bones of the Territory, and it is neither understandable, nor controllable. And when what seems like a natural disaster reveals a terrible new magic, Isobel and Gabriel are left isolated and under attack.

To stop this new threat, to protect the Territory, to save herself, Isobel must fully embrace the devil’s Bargain she has made…
Learn more about the book and author at Laura Anne Gilman's website and blog.

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