Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"The Broken Dragon"

New from DAW / Penguin: The Broken Dragon: Children of the Dragon Nimbus #2 by Irene Radford.

About the book, from the publisher:

Full of life and energy, Lily has great ability with plants and their healing properties, but no magical talent. In contrast, her beloved twin sister Valeria has unmatched magical abilities, but is frail and often ill. Since birth the two sisters have completed each other, but the older they become, the more apparent it is that magic is taking its toll on Val.

Together the sisters embark on a journey to solve Val's magical problem, and along the way to meet their mentors, the girls encounter several other magic users also struggling with severe weaknesses. However, before they can reach their destination, their caravan is overtaken by a dangerous magical storm, conjured by a rogue magician bent on revenge.

In the storm the sisters are separated, and unless they can unite this eclectic group of magic users—who must all overcome their individual weaknesses— and find each other again, this rogue mage could prove the end of Coronnan.
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--Marshal Zeringue