Sunday, May 26, 2013

"College Girl: A Memoir"

New from the State University of New York Press: College Girl: A Memoir by Laura Gray-Rosendale.

About the book, from the publisher:

The inspirational memoir of a woman who survived a brutal sexual assault and went on to become a university professor.

In College Girl, a university professor revisits the memory of a brutal sexual assault and recounts her long, circuitous route from trauma to recovery. Offering present-day reflections alongside the fresh, hopeful voice of the twenty-year-old student she once was, Laura Gray-Rosendale tells the story of her near destruction and her family’s disintegration, but also one of abiding friendships and shining hope. In the end, College Girl is also a story about stories, and a meditation on memoir itself.

Gray-Rosendale writes in a tone that is simply unforgettable—gritty, humorous, and raw. Artfully written and devoid of self-pity, College Girl is a rich story of triumph, hope, and survival.