Monday, March 25, 2013

"Woke Up Lonely"

New from Graywolf Press: Woke Up Lonely: A Novel by Fiona Maazel.

About the book, from the publisher:

Thurlow Dan is the founder of the Helix, a cult that promises to cure loneliness in twenty-first century America. The Helix has become a national phenomenon—and attracted the attention of governments worldwide. But Thurlow, camped out in his Cincinnati headquarters, is lonely for his ex-wife, Esme, and their nine-year-old daughter. Esme is a covert agent who has spent her career spying on Thurlow, in an effort to protect him from the law. Now, with her superiors demanding results, Esme recruits four misfits to botch a reconnaissance mission. But when Thurlow abducts them, he ignites a siege that could keep him and Esme apart forever. With fiery, exuberant prose, Maazel takes us on a ride through North Korea’s guarded interior, a city of vice beneath Cincinnati, and a commune housed in a Virginia factory, while Thurlow, Esme, and their daughter search for a way to be a family again.
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