Thursday, September 8, 2011


New from Faber and Faber: Noon by Aatish Taseer.

About the book, from the publisher:

Rehan Tabassum has grown up in a world of privilege in Delhi. His mother is a successful lawyer and her new husband is a wealthy industrialist whose way of doing business is at the heart of the New India everyone is talking about. But there is a marked absence in Rehan’s life: his real father, a Pakistani Muslim who owns a telecommunications empire in Pakistan.Noon follows Rehan’s attempts to negotiate this loss as he journeys, both physically and emotionally, toward the heart of his father’s world. From the atavistic scenes of a childhood in Delhi to the city’s boom and bust; from an earthquake in Pakistan to threats of violence in the sinister city of Port Bin Qasim; from the lives of servants at home in Delhi to blackmail and menace within Rehan’s father’s company– this extraordinary family saga interrogates the nature of power in two changing countries. Aatish Taseer tells the story of a man who comes of age as his country does, in an atmosphere of political quicksand and moral danger.
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