Thursday, December 9, 2010

"One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy"

New from MacAdam/Cage: One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy by Stephen Tunney.

About the book, from the publisher:

Two thousand years in the future, the Moon has become a run-down experiment in terraforming and colonization with a dusty patina and a bright red sky. It is the only place sixteen-year-old Hieronymus Rexaphin has ever known—until he meets a girl from Earth called Windows Falling on Sparrows. She is inexplicably drawn to him and his special, some say dangerous, condition.

Hieronymus is a One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy. His ability to see the fourth primary color allows him to see the future path of time and matter. The color of his eyes is against Lunar law, and some say against nature. Looking into them triggers madness or even death, authorities say, so he is forced to wear goggles. After breaking the Moon's most serious law and exposing his eyes to the curious young Earth girl, Hieronymus embarks on a tremendous misadventure to protect his friends, save his family, and escape imprisonment on the far side of the Moon.
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