Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Piercing the Veil"

New from Atlas Books: Piercing the Veil by Jacqueline Fullerton.

About the book, from the publisher:

"Tim's a snake. Be careful, Anne. This man will stop at nothing to get what he wants." In the tradition of Iris Johannsen, Jacqueline Fullerton weaves the supernatural and human greed into a tale of murder set against the backdrop of a sleepy little college town. Piercing the Veil has the unlikely crime-solving duo of court reporter Anne Marshall and her father's ghost investigating Tim Sherman, a divorcing wealthy businessman suspected of hiding assets in an offshore account. In the process of trying to prove his deception, the duo may have set into motion events that result in the murder of a key witness in his divorce trial. Compelled by guilt to solve the murder, Anne Marshall and the dearly departed stumble into the killer's path, putting Anne's own life in jeopardy. You will fall in love with Anne Marshall and friends in this first of Jacqueline Fullerton's murder mysteries.
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