Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Theories of Falling"

New from New Issues Poetry & Prose: Theories of Falling by Sandra Beasley.

Among the praise for Theories of Falling, winner of the 2007 New Issues Poetry Prize:

"I kept coming back to these poems—the tough lyric voice that got under my skin. Clear, intent, this poet doesn't want to fool herself or anybody else. Desire pushes defeat against the wall, and the spirit climbs up from underground."
--Marie Howe, from her judge's citation

"Sandra Beasley slices her way down the page with precision and punch. Her haunting 'Allergy Girl' series will set off such an itch, I doubt you'll ever fully recover . . . This poet leaves us to smolder and ache in small kingdoms where 'even the tame dogs dream of biting clear to the bone.'"
--Aimee Nezhukumatathil

"Some truths induce fevers; others offer fast relief. The unflinching, personal human truths in Sandra Beasley's debut collection are worth the swallow, for not too long after, we awaken to both our healing and agitation."
--Major Jackson
Visit Sandra Beasley's website and her blog, Chicks Dig Poetry.