Saturday, December 29, 2007

"An Ordinary Spy"

New from Bloomsbury USA: An Ordinary Spy by Joseph Weisberg.

About the book, from the publisher:

An Ordinary Spy is the thrilling story of two CIA Case Officers whose lives are permanently changed by the agents they recruit and run.

Mark Ruttenberg is a young, slightly naïve new officer who is about to go on his first international assignment. Before he leaves for , however, he learns about a former operative, Bobby Goldstein, whose relationship with his informant LXMALIBU led to his termination. Mark is able to determine that something went seriously wrong with the operation, but that's as far as he gets before he has to leave.

While abroad, Mark tries to forget about LXMALIBU and focus on his job at the CIA Station. It's a life of hobnobbing, high security, and courting potential informants like , high-ranking dignitaries, and powerful generals. But when he falls for the wrong woman, Mark finds himself sent back to the United States. Not sure how to integrate into his old life, Mark is in limbo until he receives a postcard with just an address on it. Who sent the postcard, and where is it supposed to lead him? Could this all be an ops test, with Mark's future hanging in the balance?

When he gets a call from Bobby Goldstein, Mark agrees to meet him and finds himself in , and in the middle of a still very active operation. Soon, he'll have to decide if righting an old wrong is worth taking a terrible and very personal risk.

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