Thursday, August 30, 2007

"The Declaration"

Coming in October from Bloomsbury: Gemma Malley's The Declaration.

About the book, from the publisher:

In a perfect future, the price for staying youthful means banishing the young

It’s the year 2140 and Longevity drugs have all but eradicated old age. That means Anna should never have been born. Nor should any of the children at Grange Hall. The facility is full of boys and girls whose parents chose to have kids despite a Declaration forcing people to opt in, or opt out. Anna’s parents opted in — but they also had her. And that makes Anna a surplus. Then one day a boy named Peter arrives, bringing with him news of the world outside, a place where people are starting to say that maybe people shouldn’t live forever. Peter begs Anna to escape with him, but Anna’s not sure who to trust: the strange boy whose version of life sounds like a dangerous fairy tale, or the familiar walls of Grange Hall and the head mistress who has controlled her every waking thought? Chilling, poignant, and endlessly thought-provoking, The Declaration will have readers agonizing over Anna’s fate until the very last page.