Friday, March 9, 2007

"Dead Head"

Published last month: Dead Head, by Allen Wyler.

From the publisher:

Brain Surgery or Murder?

When brain surgeon Russell Lawton is abducted at gunpoint by terrorists, he’s sure there’s a mistake: how could he be useful to them? To his horror, he learns they have kidnapped his only child, eight-year old Angela. Unless Russell does what they want, they will bury her alive.

To buy time Russell agrees, and is immediately confronted with a seemingly impossible surgical problem. He must develop an innovative computer that can manipulate a robot by using brain activity. And fast, or his daughter dies.

Why? When Russell finds out why the terrorists need the computer, and how they plan to use it on a human being, he can’t believe they’re serious. But the consequences for not taking them seriously are his daughter’s life, and the lives of millions of innocent people.
Dead Head is coming soon to the Page 69 Test.