Saturday, February 24, 2007


Due out this week:

Redbone: Money, Malice, and Murder in Atlanta by Ron Stodghill

From the publisher:

Lance Herndon was at the top of his game. A self-made millionaire, he was the owner of the computer consulting company Access, Inc. As a prominent member of black Atlanta's young, wealthy, and powerful set, he was surrounded by the city's "beautiful people," whom he wined and dined with finesse. But when he failed to show up for work one day, friends and family started to worry. Their concern soon turned to horror when he was found murdered in his own home, in what appeared to be either an act of jealousy-fueled rage or a seedier sex crime. Now, with a laundry list of ex-wives and lovers, competitors, critics, and admirers in hand, detectives must break through the city's upper crust to discover his killer.

Part investigative exposé, part social commentary, Redbone is a thrilling work of literary reportage.