Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Death by Rodrigo"

New from Simon & Schuster: Death by Rodrigo by Ron Liebman.

About the book, from the author's website:

When El Salvadoran crime boss Rodrigo Gonzalez is finally nabbed in Camden, New Jersey, for high-volume drug trafficking, he hires criminal defense attorneys Mickie Mezzonatti and Salvatore "Junne" Salerno, Jr. He's been told they're the best and that, as former Camden police officers, they know all the blind spots and loopholes (read: the ins and outs) of the local courts. All Rodrigo asks of Junne and Mickie is that they get him out on bond, so he can jump bail and escape back to the comforts of ElSalvador. Problem is, judge denies bail. Soon Mezzonatti and Salerno are receiving a few unwelcome guests - friends of Rodrigo - asking questions. And the boys need answers, fast...

Carl Hiaasen meets Steven Bochco. A fun and flashy first novel feature two New Jersery cops-turned-attorneys, their demanding drug lord client, and a surprizing twist.